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Listening within Presence

Saturday & Sunday October 10 & 11, 2020

If you wish to join us, please register with Tara Andrea by Wednesday October 7, using the following email:

“…whatever be our life’s walk, whatever be our profession, our business, our occupation - through it all, is a sense within us, a sense which can understand language without words…everything in life is speaking, is audible, is communicative, in spite of its apparent silence.”  Hazrat Inayat Khan

How do we listen? What are the drivers within that compel us to speak or interrupt another? How would we like to be listened to? Might there be a way to listen within the presence of unity and wholeness, from the unencumbered presence of our souls and body cells?  We are used to listening from our conceptual brain and through our various senses; can we listen from the entirety of our whole Being or as Hazrat Inayat Khan has written, “the intuitive way?”  And what does that mean?  Instead of just mentally grasping for meaning, might there be a way to feel and sense ourselves into an expanded experience of our being and the world around us?  Do we have the spaciousness within to allow meaning and communication with others and all of creation to arise from the depths of the dark unknown mystery of the presence of the One that lives everywhere and also within our bodies?

In this Hummingbird Wazifah Zoom Retreat our intention is to be uniquely listening to one another and being present with each other with the support of the wazaif. We invite you to be prepared to share a challenge or concern, an inspiration or something you feel deeply about in your life.  After a person shares, a wazifah may arise that touches upon the meaning and soul’s essence that longs to be expressed.  We will either chant, sing or engage in one of Maboud and Tara Andrea’s wazifah body prayers/dances as a way of sacred validation and holding the person and their life’s experience close to our hearts. We may not be able to hear from everyone, however we may find that our heartfelt concerns are often common to us all.

If you wish to join us, please register with Tara Andrea by Wednesday October 7, using the following email:

See retreat schedule below.

The actual zoom link for this weekend gathering will be provided by Friday, October 9, upon registration

Questions: Email Tara Andrea at or call 505-438-0820

If you are interested in Zoom Inner-Views with Tawwaba, please know that there are a limited number of slots available for registered participants. Zoom Inner-Views are "Interviews" - short 15 to 20 minute sessions with Tawwaba, available as part of the retreat experience. To schedule please contact her directly at:

If you feel so moved and are able to contribute, you are welcome to share Dana.  There is no set fee to participate in this retreat, choose an amount that works for you. Your gifts are most appreciated and received with gratitude. If desired, you can 

* send a check to Tara Andrea Swierkosz, 2367 Ruta Corta, Santa Fe NM, 87507, made out Tara Andrea Swierkosz

* make a contribution through Paypal:   or when in your Paypal account, transfer money to

We look forward to listening together within Presence and sharing this weekend retreat with you. 

Also, below the schedule, please notice a link to the recording of last 4th Saturday session on September 28, with Sara Morgan, sharing practices and her personal experience of Murshid Samuel Lewis.

In the spirit of the ONE, 

Tara Andrea and Maboud

Schedule is for US Mountain Time  **please figure out your time zone**

Saturday, October 10 & Sunday October 11

8:30am Morning Practice with Tawwaba

9:45 Meet and Mingle - arrive to Zoom Room early 

10:00 - 12:00 Hummingbird Wazifah Sesshin

2:30 to 3:30 Zoomer Views (Inner Views) with Tawwaba

3:30 - 4:00 Hanging out in the “Zoom Kitchen” - spontaneous meetings of who happens to show up during that time...

4:00 - 6:00 Hummingbird Wazifah Sesshin



Link to recording of last Saturday's Zoom session from September 28 with Sara Morgan, sharing practices and her personal experiences with Murshid Samuel Lewis.        Passcode: &W^n2n2y