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About Us

Tara Andrea and Maboud Swierkosz are long time mentors of the Dances of Universal Peace.  They live in Santa Fe, NM where they lead public dance circles and bi annual Wazifah Dance Intensive Retreats.  They have lead the dances at national and international venues for Conferences, Retreats, Weddings, Memorials, Schools,Church Gatherings, Community Celebrations and Public Service events.  Both are guides in the Sufi Ruhaniat International.

Their work with the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, or as Maboud would like to say, “the qualities of our potential to be embodied, present, balanced and complete human beings,  has touched people throughout the world through their Original Wazifah Dances that include:  Ya Shakur,  Ya Hamid, which is the title of their first CD. Maboud’s practice with the Wazaif includes contemplation of the Divine Qualities through images of nature. He has published a booklet of photographs called the Colors of Unity.  

Maboud works as a licensed psychotherapist using mindfulness-centered counseling approaches, Sufi-based depth psychology and Heart Rate Variability biofeedback methods.

Tara Andrea has directed the  German Youth and Young Adult camp for 10 years and loves holding sacred spaces s a private caregiver for people needing home or hospice care.