Maboud and Tara Andrea have archived these wazifah inspired dances.  Please click on the You Tube link below to access their main channel which is entitled:  maboudcharles.  As well, we have posted several individual dances below. These are very short video clips  that are meant to support dance leaders who have experienced the wazifah dances with Maboud and Tara Andrea to remember the movements and melodies.   If you use these video clips and feel inspired to donate to us to support this work we would be grateful.  If so, please click on the DONATE tap on this website and follow the prompts.

These original dances have arisen from our relationship with the attributes and qualities of the Sacred Unity of Life that are traditionally referred to as the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. We refer to them as qualities of wholeness that are a treasure chest of jewels of possibility inherent in our human hearts, representing pathways to becoming complete and balanced human beings.   Through attuning to these realities of our divinity and limited humanity we become enriched.  

These Names or Wazifahs can help us understand the challenges of our humanity that are often driven by our perceived isolation and separateness from the presence of love. We can choose to embrace these attributes as dimensions or living realities of a higher power within us and outside us that enable us to live more fully in the present as compassionate, joyful, peaceful, wise, and balanced individuals.  

Throughout the years, Maboud and Tara Andrea have contemplated the Wazifahs in their everyday life, in nature, on retreats, and through readings of Physicians of the Heart and The Sufi Book of Life. The movements and melodies have emerged from meditations, dreams and moments of contemplation. Usually, a core movement is given that embodies the quality of a particular name. Then they have worked together to bring the melody and movement into a fluid form that helps serve the manifestation and understanding of the quality that is intoned in the dance.  

From this place of co-creation, we hope that all who experience the Wazifah Dances enrich their relationship with the Beautiful Names and can be informed by their spirit of guidance.

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